Strategic Management & IT Consulting

The point of information technology is to support your business so you can produce more, deliver it faster, rise above your competition, and ultimately achieve customer satisfaction and success. Are the following objectives a part of your current IT strategy?

  • Provide the data and business intelligence stakeholders need to make better business decisions faster
  • Improve an organization's ability to identify, manage and control costs
  • Increase productivity of both people and processes
  • Reduce risk
  • Create a competitive edge
  • Grow smartly without increases in headcount and overhead
  • Maximize profitability


The Challenge

As our reliance on technology has increased to compete in the economy and engage with clients, so has our investment in technology assets, but is that investment always paying off? Many find that they have fallen short of their original promises of increased productivity and profitability.

Business process models keep changing because of continuous improvement programs, quality initiatives, acquisitions and technological advancements, not to mention competitive pressures. On the other hand, the information systems – especially the core run-the-business software inventory and configuration – have remained largely static. The result is misalignment between the way business operates and the way current information systems work.

The Opportunity

Alignment between business and IT can be defined, planned, and made actionable. Our Strategic IT consulting will help you provide technology infrastructure and applications that integrate seamlessly with the daily routines of your users, streamlined operations and workflow, and increased productivity that translates to improved operational and financial performance.

Business – IT Alignment

Aligning your IT strategy with your business needs and goals includes evaluating and refining:

  • Strategic business plan and direction for the next three to five years
  • Detailed requirements for business process support and application software for all current and future core business processes
  • Outstanding and emerging automation, technological advancements, and other potential disruptors and their effects on core business processes, as well as availability of and access to these technologies
  • Departments or processes not operating at full potential capacity because they are hampered by outdated, marginal, or ill-fitted IT solutions
  • Areas of redundant data entry and maintenance that compromise productivity and accuracy, usually caused by using disparate and incompatible systems that aren’t well integrated and can’t share data
  • Over dependence on standalone applications (such as Microsoft Excel) to manipulate, manage and maintain critical organizational data
  •  Business Intelligence (“BI”) and reporting
  • Workflow automation
  • Document management

We can provide an IT Strategy Workshop where you will produce a living roadmap that you can revisit and refresh on a semi-annual or annual basis. By regularly reviewing and refining your IT plan, you can make sure your Organization’s technology strategy and investments stay aligned with your business objectives, strategies, and processes.

The End Result

Your technology infrastructure and applications integrate seamlessly with the daily routines of your users. Operations and workflow are streamlined. Your technology delivers increased productivity that translates to improved operational and financial performance.