Law Firm Uses Dashboard to Track Case Activity

Customer Profile

One of the oldest, largest and most experienced personal injury firms in Virginia and the United States.

Solution Brief

With lots of cases and attorneys, being able to track activity at a glance provides management with a clear understanding of the firm’s performance.

Trying to manage a large case load across several attorneys required a lot of manual effort, pulling together information from multiple reports and sources. THInc.IT’s solution brings the information together and presents it in a clearly understandable visual dashboard.

How it works…

THInc.IT built processes that pulled data together from multiple sources into a central data store. From there, data analysis and reporting came together through a visual dashboard to provide a view on the overall performance of the firm. Using a dashboard allowed the management team at the firm to see what they needed quickly and gave them the ability to drill into other information to support their decision making.

Why it works…

Every organization looks at performance from a unique perspective. Even within industries, numbers that matter for one law firm may not be as important to another. THInc.IT took the time to learn what the firm needed to know and provided multiple options for how that information could be visualized. From there, the firm picked what worked for them and got a custom-tailored dashboard that draws from all areas of the firm, providing a valuable overview.
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