Cloud Solutions

Power Your Business with the Cloud

The question is no longer if you should use Cloud, but now it is how and when. Organizations need a Cloud Strategy. The days of maintaining your own applications and independently mitigating threats are gone for the small business, diminished for the middle market, and waning for the enterprise. With Cloud technologies you can now improve efficiency, enable innovation and transform your business. We can help you develop a Cloud strategy and deliver solutions that fit your needs and objectives.

Cloud Discovery Session

Get started with a discovery session where we will:

  • Meet with you to discuss strategic vision and goals
  • Collect details regarding infrastructure and operations, applications, risk and security
  • Discuss Azure and Office 365 capabilities within the context of your vision and goals
  • Identify and priortize initiatives that could add value to your organization
  • Prepare a roadmap and potential consumption plan
  • Deliver and review deliverables

How it Works

We will begin with a scoping call to gather information about your organization, including business goals and any current cloud strategy. The engagement can be on-site or remote. Following the engagement, you will be presented with a Corporate Cloud Assessment that reiterates your strategic vision and goals with recommended cloud initiatives. We will educate your team, answer your questions and initiate your journey to the cloud!

Depend on a Team

THInc.IT has both a development and collaboration team skilled in the Microsoft Azure and Office 365 platforms. Both platforms present vast opportunities and endless solutions - so many they can be overwhelming. We will help you get started, or we can help you during any stage of your Cloud journey!